Why 1box4all?


You buy a 1box4all TV box only one time and no further costs.

We from 1box4all take care of the Kodi software to be updated at least once every month in the cloud.

The TV box has our 1box4all wizard pre installed, so you can decide when to update the software with one push on the button!



The TV box is an internet-enabled device with in-built pre-set channels and applications. Think of them like a Freeview box that hooks up to your modem/router with cable or WiFi to stream content by means of Android and Kodi software. It basically makes your TV look like a giant tablet. Which means any app you can get on an Android device can be used on your Android TV. You can install various official and 3rd party apps ranging from Youtube, as well as games, music ,films ,series ,sports and social software. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, BUT STREAM! With this system videos are streamed from the Internet. This is similar to the operation of YouTube. No data is stored and you can view everything the right way!


All you need is the 1Box4All TV box device and broadband internet connection (ideally over 2mbps) with either an Ethernet Cable or WiFi router,plug the 1Box4All device into a TV- Usually through the HDMI port and power it up via a USB or wall socket. The device then works as a mini computer to process the incoming internet signal and link it to the built in Apps & Channels.


The 1Box4All TV box is currently one of the Best streaming players of its category as it has huge database of programs,TV channels,Sport Channels,Movies, Series ,Music and Apps and much more.

The core is on demand viewing of all imaginable movies and series. The live range is more than a nice extra feature. It includes thousands of foreign TV channels. Live football is also shown but in general the quality and operation of live sport is not as good as that of the movies and series.

1Box4All - Streaming Media Player

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